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SwimSafer Revision and Assessment during the Extended Stabilisation Phase (25 Oct - 21 Nov 2021)

From the previous update, we were so looking forward to the resumption of SwimSafer revision and assessment on 24 October 2021 onwards, but things don't always go your way. On 20 October 2021, the Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) announced that the Stabilisation Phase will be extended for almost another month until 21 November 2021.

With the new update, we know that all our participants, especially those who have signed up for our revisions or assessments, were very anxious to know if the revisions and assessments are able to proceed as scheduled. we understand your anxiety and we have really worked hard to ensure as minimal disturbance to your schedule as possible.

Here comes the main highlight of the post:

We will be able to resume our revisions and assessments from 30 October 2021 onwards.

That being said, we are still in the midst of settling the administration part as there are a lot of details we need to look into. There may be some adjustments to some of the participants, we will contact the you if there is any changes that will affect you. If you do not receive any notice from us directly, chances are your revisions or assessments will be proceeding as planned.

We wanted to share this news out first even before we finalise the details of the revisions and assessments because we wanted you to feel more settled down knowing that the revisions and assessments will be resuming. In the meantime, do give us a little more time, we will be in contact with you very soon!

Thank you for your support and patience.

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