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  • What is SwimSafer 2.0?
    SwimSafer2.0 is Singapore's national swimming programme. It is recognised by Sport Singapore (SportSG) and Ministry of Education (MOE). It is also widely recognised in Singapore as a benchmark for swimming.
  • Is there a revision before the assessment?
    Revision is usually done by the respective coaches before sending the candidates to the assessments Should you require revision before the assessment, you can write in to us at [email protected]. We will advise accordingly based on your requirement.
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    During Initial Assessment The assessment will be halted while waiting for the weather to clear during the hour of assessment. If the weather remains bad, the assessment will be postponed to another day. Our administrator will arrange the make up session with you separately. During Make Up Assessment We only provide make session for the initial assessment, If the weather is bad on the make up date, we apologise that the assessment will have to be cancelled. No refund will be given.
  • What are the fees for the assessments?
    Please refer to the respective bookings for the fees.
  • What does the fee include?
    The fee includes the following: A 1hr session of assessment with the conducting coach and assessor. A hardcopy of the SwimSafer certificate (including the postage for the mail). A complimentary make-up assessment if the assessment is cancelled due to bad weather. Administrative support for any issue relating to the SwimSafer assessment.
  • Will there be a refund if the candidate is ill on assessment day?
    Please send us your Medical certificate for the day, we will be able to assist you from there. We are reachable at [email protected].
  • What happens if I am unable to attend the assessment after I register for it?
    We allow changes to the assessment dates up to 15 days before the assessment. If you decide to cancel the session, there will be a admin fee of $10. If the assessment date is less than 15 days , we apologise that we are unable to do a refund or rescheduling as prior arrangement would have been made for the bookings. However, we understand there may are many reason for such a case, please contact us at [email protected] to speak to us.
  • What should I do if I register wrongly?
    Please register for the correct assessment as there may be an admin fee of SGD$5 imposed for transfer of revision/assessment or refund. Write to us @ [email protected], we will be able to advise from there.
  • How will I be informed of upcoming assessments?
    We will notify upcoming assessments and other updates via our blog. Subscribe to our website and you will be able to receive notifications on every post we make.
  • I did not receive a confirmation email after registration
    All successful registration should receive a confirmation email from us. If you did not receive any confirmation with us, please write in to us at [email protected] to check if your registration is successful.
  • What kind of service is your Performance Assessment?
    The Assessment Centre specializes in providing comprehensive analytical, diagnostic, and assessment services to help individuals and teams to improve their performance in sports and fitness. The performance assessment is broken down into 3 sections: Biomechanics Assessment Individual Assessment Team Assessment
  • What is Biomechanics Assessment?
    Biomechanics assessment is a critical tool for individuals looking to enhance their physical performance and minimize the risk of injury. We specialize in conducting detailed movement analyses that offer profound insights into an individual's biomechanics. This understanding is pivotal for both performance enhancement and injury prevention. Our Approach: Comprehensive Movement Analysis: We begin with a thorough examination of your movement patterns. This process involves using state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to assess how you move, identifying both your strengths and areas that may be prone to injury or inefficiency. Expert Team Collaboration: Our team, comprised of experts in biomechanics, physiology, and sports science, collaborates to interpret the data collected. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of your movement and physical health are considered. Customized Plan Development: With the insights gained from the analysis, we work closely with you to develop a personalized plan. This plan targets any identified weaknesses or inefficiencies, with the dual goals of improving performance and reducing injury risk. The plan is tailored to your specific needs, goals, and the demands of your sport or activity. Benefits of Our Biomechanics Assessment: Enhanced Performance: By optimizing your movement patterns, you can unlock your full potential, achieving greater efficiency and power in your activities. Injury Prevention: Understanding and addressing the biomechanical factors that contribute to injury risk can help keep you active and healthy, reducing downtime and promoting longevity in your chosen sport or activity. Personalized Insights: Our detailed analysis provides you with personalized insights that generic training programs cannot. This individualized approach ensures that you're not just working harder, but smarter. Who Can Benefit? Our biomechanics assessment is beneficial for athletes of all levels, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to improve their physical performance or reduce their risk of injury. Whether you're recovering from an injury, looking to break through performance plateaus, or simply aiming to enhance your overall physical health, our assessment can provide the insights and guidance you need. Get Started: To begin your journey towards optimized performance and reduced injury risk, contact us at [email protected]. Let's work together to achieve your goals and push your boundaries further than you thought possible.
  • What is Individual Assessment?
    Our individual assessment service is designed to elevate athletes' performance by providing a deep dive into their performance data during races or competitions. This service is tailored for athletes who seek a detailed understanding of their capabilities and areas for improvement, aiming to harness this knowledge to reach their full potential. Our Process: Performance Data Analysis: Utilizing cutting-edge technology and data analysis techniques, we meticulously examine your performance metrics from recent races or competitions. This analysis includes pacing, endurance, technique efficiency, and other critical performance indicators. Key Insights Identification: Through this comprehensive analysis, we identify key insights into your performance, pinpointing your strengths as well as areas that require improvement. This step is crucial for understanding the nuances of your athletic ability and crafting a strategy for advancement. Expert Team Collaboration: Our team of seasoned experts, including sports scientists, coaches, and data analysts, collaborates to interpret your performance data. This collective expertise ensures a holistic view of your athletic profile, considering both physical and tactical dimensions of performance. Personalized Training Program Development: Armed with detailed insights, we work directly with you to develop a personalized training program. This program is specifically designed to leverage your strengths and address identified areas for improvement, setting clear, achievable goals for enhancement. Benefits of Our Individual Assessment: Targeted Improvement: By focusing on your unique performance data, we can identify specific areas for improvement, making your training more efficient and effective. Strengths Maximization: Understanding your strengths allows us to tailor your training to further enhance these areas, giving you a competitive edge. Personalized Training Program: With a training program crafted specifically for you, based on empirical data, you’re more likely to see significant improvements in your performance. Expert Guidance: Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way, offering their knowledge and support to ensure you reach your full potential. Who Can Benefit? This service is invaluable for competitive athletes across all sports who participate in races or competitions and are committed to improving their performance. Whether you are looking to climb the ranks in your sport, break personal records, or prepare for a specific competitive goal, our individual assessment service provides the insights and support you need to achieve your objectives. Get Started: To take the first step towards unlocking your true athletic potential, contact us at [email protected]. Together, we will embark on a journey of performance optimization that is informed, targeted, and designed to propel you to new heights.
  • What is Team Assessment?
    In competitive gaming, achieving victory requires more than just understanding and optimizing your team's performance. Our team assessment service is uniquely designed to dissect both your team's gameplay and that of your opponents. By providing a detailed report highlighting your team's strengths and weaknesses, as well as a strategic analysis of your adversaries, we equip you with the insights needed to improve your gameplay, strategy, and ultimately, your chances of winning. Our Enhanced Process: Comprehensive Game Analysis: Our initial step involves an in-depth analysis of your team’s gameplay, utilizing the latest in analytics technology to assess various performance metrics, team dynamics, and strategic execution. Strengths and Weaknesses Report: We compile a detailed report identifying your team’s strengths to leverage and weaknesses that need improvement. This serves as the foundation for tailored strategic development. Opponent Performance Analysis: In addition to analyzing your team, we meticulously examine your upcoming opponents. This includes their tactics, decision-making patterns, and any consistent strengths or vulnerabilities. Understanding these aspects is crucial for developing counter-strategies. Expert Consultation and Strategy Development: Our team of seasoned gaming strategists and analysts will review both your performance and that of your opponents. In consultation with your team, we will develop a personalized improvement and game plan that addresses how to exploit opponent weaknesses while bolstering your strengths. Customized Improvement and Game Plan: With a dual focus on enhancing your team’s capabilities and exploiting opponent vulnerabilities, we devise a comprehensive strategy. This includes specific in-game tactics, communication strategies, and psychological tips to ensure your team’s preparedness and confidence. Benefits of Our Comprehensive Team Assessment: Holistic Team Enhancement: Improve not just within your team, but also in how you strategically approach and counter opponents. Strategic Edge: Gain invaluable insights into opponent strategies, providing you with a tactical advantage before the game even begins. Improved Team Cohesion and Strategy: Enhanced understanding of your team and opponents fosters better strategic planning and team dynamics. Expert Support: Access to professional analysis and strategic planning from experts in competitive gaming, offering a significant competitive edge. Who Can Benefit? This service is invaluable for competitive gaming teams aiming for the top. Whether you’re gearing up for a major tournament or seeking to improve your regular competitive standing, our comprehensive assessment and strategic planning provide the insights and guidance needed for success. Get Started: Elevate your team’s performance and strategic prowess by contacting us at [email protected]. Let’s harness the power of detailed analysis and expert strategy to secure your victories in the competitive arena.
  • I do not know which assessment is for me.
    To help you decide, Below are the few questions that you can ask yourself: Are you looking to improve personal physical health and performance? Are you focusing on achieving or surpassing a competitive benchmark? Are you part of a team aiming to win through superior strategy and cohesion Identifying the primary goal will guide us to the most suitable assessment service for your needs. Biomechanics Assessment: Ideal for: Individuals looking to enhance physical performance, reduce the risk of injury, or anyone interested in understanding their movement patterns for health or athletic reasons. It's particularly beneficial for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone recovering from or wanting to prevent physical injuries. Focus: Offers a deep dive into how you move, identifying efficient patterns and potential areas of risk, and provides a tailored plan to improve overall physical function. Individual Assessment: Ideal for: Competitive athletes or serious fitness enthusiasts who participate in races, competitions, or specific sports events. This service suits those focused on personal performance benchmarks and achieving peak competitive form. Focus: Analyzes performance data from competitions to highlight personal strengths and weaknesses, crafting a personalized training program for performance optimization. Team Assessment: Ideal for: Competitive gaming teams or sports teams looking to improve their collective performance and strategic gameplay. It's perfect for groups preparing for tournaments, wanting to climb the ranks, or simply aiming to enhance their teamwork and strategies. Focus: Combines analysis of the team's internal dynamics and gameplay with strategies to exploit opponents' weaknesses, aiming to bolster team cohesion, strategy, and overall chances of success.
  • How much does it cost to engage the services?
    We understand that each of our clients has unique needs and goals, which is why we offer personalized service packages tailored specifically to you. The cost of our services is directly aligned with the specific assessments, analyses, and plans you choose to engage with. Our approach ensures that you're only investing in what you truly need, without any unnecessary expenses. We believe in transparency and will provide you with a detailed quote based on the services you select, ensuring our partnership is both effective and fair. For more information and to discuss your specific needs, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Together, we'll design the perfect package to help you achieve your goals.
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