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New Year, New Start, Happy 2023!

Happy New Year to all our subscribers, Hope 2022 has been nice to you and let's hope for a good year in 2023 too!

Thank you for all our subscribers and participants who has been supporting our assessments so far. We know that we haven't been at our best form based on what we have aspire to achieve and we are still working towards it. Your continuous support meant a lot to us. Once again, this you for all of you!

2023 is a new year and we will be quick starting our assessments too. SwimSafer assessments will resume on the end of January 2023. We have also a few news to share with all of you:


Increase in number of locations

We now have 6 locations around Singapore conducting SwimSafer assessments

  1. Bukit Batok Swimming Complex

  2. Jalan Besar Swimming Complex

  3. Our Tampines Hub (Tampines Swimming Complex)

  4. Toa Payoh Swimming Complex

  5. Woodlands Swimming Complex

  6. Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex


Stoppages of SwimSafer Revisions

SwimSafer revisions will be discontinued from 2023 onwards. We have listened to your feedback and make amendments to the model. Instead of taking revision then assessment which involves 2 sessions, participants will go for the the assessment straight away.

Participant pass on first attempt

Result will be captured. No 2nd session is required, saving extra hassle.

Participant did not pass on first attempt

Participants can take the first attempt as the revision, and register again once they are confident. Discounts will be given for the 2nd attempt.


Better Certificate Quality

As you have known, we have been issuing physical certificate to our participants. Over the years of improving, our current certificate is also water resistant. Water splashes can be easily wiped off without making the certificate wet.


Better Mail Package

We have received feedback that certificate received was crumpled, so we have changed our envelope to the hard envelope to minimise such incident.

As part of our green initiatives, the envelopes are made from 100% recycled brown kraft paper!


Resumption of SwimSafer Assessment

SwimSafer assessment will be resuming after Chinese New Year. Assessment dates has been release up to March 2023. More dates will be released in the upcoming weeks!


Price Adjustment

Due to the current requirements and rising cost, there will be changes in the assessment fee. All SwimSafer assessments will be priced at S$80.00 from 1st January 2023 onwards. If you are students of our partners, you may request for a discount code from them.


Once again, thank you for all the support from you and our partners. We hope to deliver better experience and service to all of you!

Happy 2023 and have a great year ahead!

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