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New Registration Interface for SwimSafer registration

With the new and improvised registration interface, this allows registration process to be much easier and less hassle for everyone who registered with us. Let us share with you on how to register in the new interface.

  1. Assessment Page


2. Selection of time/date and no. of participants

  • Select the number of participants you are registering

  • Available dates will be shown.

  • Click on respective dates to see the available times and locations

  • After selection, click the arrow to proceed to next page


3. Point of Contact/ Participant Details Page

  • You may create account via:

  • Fill up Point of Contact and Participant Details

  • The address will be used for the delivery of the physical certificate

  • Please key in the participant's name as of birth certificate.

  • Sign in with us so all your details can be reuse again


4. Payment

  • Before making payment, click on 'Enter Code' if you have any code.

  • e.g. If you have 3 voucher codes, separate them with comma to apply all of them using the follow this format: (ISW123, ISW467, ISW 789)

  • Next, fill up your payment card details

  • Do remember to ‘TICK’ the box & Click on ‘Pay now and confirm your booking!’

  • You will receive an email confirmation shortly.

  • And lastly, booking is done!


We hope you have pleasant experience in registering your assessment in our new interface! Do give us some feedback on the new registration interface. Lastly, all the best to all participants who are taking their upcoming assessment too!

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